Sit with discomfort, so you can sit with yourself.

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Welcome to the The Emotional Healing Space. It’s taken some time for the vision of this space to develop. I knew I wanted a space that was ready to sit with whatever comes. In order to get there, I needed some important knowledge and wisdom: given to me by some pretty special people.

What I’ve learned about myself and others through some rough journeys, would not have ever happened were it not for others who have also walked the path less traveled.

I write for those people, especially the ones who no longer have a voice because their candles relit mine, when I thought it was impossible.

I write to educate. I write for Catherine Ashton who was my yoga therapist and taught me the importance of bottom up embodied trauma healing. She lit the way through so much darkness for me. She understood that the racist and sexist forces were the biggest threat to women today, and she fought from a place of knowledge (a knowledge that you often acquire under the hands or psychological control of other humans).

I write for SSG Trent who lifted me up when I was most down. Who climbed walls and made me laugh every day as he hung upside down, from said walls, at a time when I had lost hope in laughter and play. Nelson is at Arlington Memorial as the world lost him to an IED in Afghanistan.

With low stress comes healing. When we lower the volume of the sensory world, and inhibit our own bodies we find we no longer need to run.

I've decided to start a podcast and a blog dedicated to all my salty sisters out there, who will no longer be told they are too loud.

To move forward we need to know where we are heading. We can't do that when the fog of trauma is constantly impacting our perspectives. This is how we get stuck. We get off at the same exits, thinking that we are making new choices.

All too often women are lost in a fog of previous traumas that unconsciously impact their choices time and time again. We need to heal through understanding those traumas and their impact on our choices. Once we understand our previous emotional cuts and how those cuts have impacted our previous decisions, we can then move forward toward a life where we find fulfillment in all of our relationships.

The thoughts in your head aren't always helpful. I want to help more women lift their fog, and live a life with joy. We will no longer sit back and allow others to .force us to believe a false narrative about our realities. We know our experiences because we lived them.

Please join me here in your emotional healing journey at the Emotional Healing Space, as we, most importantly, find our way toward healing our relationships with ourselves.

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